Welcome 2018

January 01, 2018

Welcome 2018

Happy New Year's Y'All!!! We are so excited to be starting a new year and have some terrific new events, new products and even a new store planned for this year. We will continue to be closed until January 5th as we remove the carpeting from the store and get our brand new floors! That was a surprise to even us!

With the new year we have a new website. It is very much still in development. The new website is directly tied to our point of sale system in the store - that means great things for all of our customers. Our out of town customers will now have the opportunity to purchase most everything that we carry in store. More gift items like home decor, food mixes, perfume, those wonderful Corkcicle and Tervis cups and more. Our local customers will find it useful too - when we post something new on social media, you can purchase immediately and then pick up in store when it is convenient for you. This means lots of work for us however. We are still loading all of our current products into the system. We are hoping that we will have them all loaded by the time we reopen on Friday. So that means that our website will be changing constantly until we reopen. (You may even see some sneak peaks of new products that are coming to use in the next week or so!)

LOYALTY PROGRAM UPDATE: The best part of the new website/point of sale integration is the loyalty program is now all the same. With new rewards for y'all, we think you will love it. Just like the original program, for every $1 you spend (in store or online), you will receive 1 point. When you receive 50 points, you can redeem for a 5% discount on your purchase. Or hold those points over to 100 points and you qualify for a 10% discount. Wait there's more, now you can hold your points until you get to 250 and get a 25% discount. As we begin the program there are some extra fun ways to get started with points too. You can get points for liking us on facebook, following us on instagram, filling out your profile (which includes your birthday) and then automatically on your birthday you will receive an extra 10 points. We will be adding customers from the old point of sale system into the new system and bringing over your points but it will take some time this week. In the mean time, go ahead and sign up on the new website, like (or relike) us on facebook/instagram, and fill out your profile. We will then just add your points from the old system.

There are so many more great things planned, so come along with us for a great ride in 2018! Happy New Year and we can't wait to show you some great new things later this week!!

~ The Girls at ASD

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